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Thunderbird Park is an amazing wildlife and geological rich oasis stretching over 112 hectares on Tamborine Mountain, Queensland, Australia.
Translucent rock pools, inspiring landscapes, towering rainforest and star-studded skies all add to the magic of Thunderbird Park.

The Team at Cedar Creek Lodges and Thunderbird Park

Judi Minnikin
Managing Director
Conference & Events Sales Executive
Business Development Director
Creative Visionary
(and sporadic gardener and kitchen hand!)

Judi is married to Bob and has two children, John (a landscape architect) and Kate (Head of Management Development for an international company). Following a successful career in fashion spanning 13 years, Judi came to Thunderbird Park in 1999 to focus on marketing – her forte. At that time Thunderbird Park was run-down, neglected and unloved. It also had a clientele to match!

Whilst learning the ropes (a major learning curve) Judi sold a packet of crisps to a customer at the café counter one day. When Judi told the price of $2 to this customer (with an oversized bare torso, stubbies and bare feet) he zealously threw the packet back at her, shouting he would never return to Thunderbird Park, where such outrageous prices were charged! It was a defining moment and it became the catalyst for the turning point of today’s stylish and elegant property. The reason for the defining moment? Judi didn’t understand the Thunderbird Park clientele and never would. Furthermore, they didn’t understand her either. They were a complete mismatch. She had to strip it bare – focusing on its natural beauty (which it has in spades) - and, with a lot of help from Bob (a project manager and civil engineer) and children, John and Kate, elevated it to the unique 4-star property it is today.

Email: info@cedarcreeklodges.com.au
Phone: +617 5545 7982
Tamara Moore
General Manager
Guest Relations Manager
(and seriously someone Judi can’t live without!)

Tamara first joined the Thunderbird Park team as the Wedding Co-ordinator in 2008. She was head-hunted in 2010 – psyched herself into relocating (to an island) and left the Thunderbird Park community to further her career. After three weeks in her new role, Tamara realised she missed the creative, progressive and fun work environment she had left behind. In short, she returned to Judi and her team, and continues to thrive in working closely with Judi to further develop and spread the word on what an amazing and outstanding tourism experience Thunderbird Park, Cedar Creek Lodges and the fabulous adventure activities provide.

Tamara epitomises the versatility and diversification of the hospitality industry, gained through the multi-layers of Thunderbird Park, which makes her the outstanding team member she has become.

Email: events@cedarcreeklodges.com.au
Phone: +617 5545 7983
Tracey MacKenzie
Group & School Specialist

Email: fun@thunderbirdpark.com
Phone: +617 5545 7997
Monica Stekhoven
Wedding Co-ordinator
Wedding Centrepiece Maestro
(and perfectionist extraordinaire!)

Monica’s calm and efficient wedding co-ordination is the cornerstone of our wonderful wedding experiences, not only for the bride and groom; but also for all their guests as well. In one of our wedding couple’s own words “Monica is outstanding. Nothing is ever too much trouble and her organisational ability is second to none!”

Monica’s strengths are her total commitment to her bridal couples, her attention to detail and her overall outstanding ability to achieve the most beautiful weddings. Her caring nature, dedication and grace are amongst her other attributes. Monica has been organising weddings at Cedar Creek Lodges since February, 2010 and was promoted to the important role as Wedding Co-ordinator in July, 2012.

Email: weddings@cedarcreeklodges.com.au
Phone: +617 5545 7996 
Sonia Verhoeven
Head Housekeeper
Creative Wizard

Sonia has been a welcomed addition to an outstanding management team. She joined us in March 2012, having come from 3 years at a 5-star boutique resort. Sonia is the proud mother of 4 gorgeous children. Prior to motherhood, Sonia was a primary school teacher. During her time as a stay at home mum, Sonia revelled in the creativity and organisational requirements needed to efficiently run a household of 6. Once her children were older, she took her skills into the workplace. 

Sonia is a natural-born leader and one of the world’s loveliest people. Her perfectionism ensures her team members have the same qualities and no one ‘takes up the mantle of a sacred chux’ until vigorously trialled! Her and her team’s attention to detail guarantees the highest standard of housekeeping all times.

Email: rooms@cedarcreeklodges.com.au
Phone: +617 5545 7962
Karen Cook
Functions & Events Manager

Email: rooms@cedarcreeklodges.com.au
Phone: +617 5545 7998
Björn Schmal
Marketing & Multimedia Design

Our Backpacker from Germany

Email: marketing@cedarcreeklodges.com.au
Phone: +617 5545 7981
Cassie Spellacy
Food & Beverage Manager

Email: operations@cedarcreeklodges.com.au
Phone: +617 5545 7981 
Reservations Manager

Email: reservations@cedarcreeklodges.com.au
Phone: +617 5545 7962
Sky Garlick
Kitchen Manager

Email: chef@cedarcreeklodges.com.au
Phone: +617 5545 7998
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