Birthday Parties

Thunderbird Park™ Birthday Parties

Head to the hills and explore a world of fun at Thunderbird Park where adventure joins nature. Play jungle games on the Tree Top Challenge ropes course. Climb cable ladders, balance on rope bridges, catch a flying fox ride, crawl through tunnels, manoeuvre on suspended trunks or jump from great heights. Go horse trail riding, play mini golf on the Adventure Mini Golf Course, play laser skirmish in a jungle village setting, meet local rock expert Rockodile Dundee and find gemstone-filled thundereggs formed when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Birthday Cakes

Everyone loves ice-cream and Peters Ice-Cream Party Cakes are available to purchase for $25.00.   
Price includes plating and birthday candles.
Alternatively, you are welcome to bring along your own birthday cake

Book Your Birthday Party

Simply book your chosen activity and order directly from the Terrace Kiosk on the day. 
You can even pre-order at the Terrace Kiosk to ensure your meals are ready at your requested time! (Visit the Terrace Kiosk on arrival at Thunderbird Park prior to your activity to arrange your order. Meals must be paid for at the time of ordering.)    

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