Laser Skirmish FAQ

Laser Skirmish - FAQ

Some helpful hints before visiting Laser Skirmish

What is Laser Skirmish?

Laser Skirmish is outdoor laser tag. Laser Skirmish at Thunderbird Park is played in the rainforest. It is live a live video game where players form teams and win at the laser tag game by tagging each other and other targets. 

Do we need to book beforehand?

Yes. Bookings are essential for all sessions. Better still if you pre-pay you get a big discount. (Adults play at kids' prices.)
Call us to book PH 1300 666 559.

How many people can play Laser Skirmish at once?

Laser Skirmish at Thunderbird Park can cater for up to 100 players at a time. The minimum number of players to open a session is 6 but if a session is already open you can add in just one extra player. 

Do you need to wear protective glasses to play laser skirmish?

No. While the game is a called "Laser Tag" or "Laser Skirmish" there are actually no lasers. In fact we use infrared, just like a TV remote control. So is it eye-safe. 

Do you play if it rains?

Yes. We will play through the showers or rain, only pausing for a thunder or lightning storm if deemed unsafe. We will normally resume the game when storm has passed. All sales are final, no credit, refund, exchange, or compensation will be paid for persons not present at the date and time of the event, unless there is inclement weather click here to see the full refund policy. 

We've heard that you get bruises when you play paintball, does laser skirmish hurt?

No. Our laser tag guns emit infrared, so the beam of light is invisible and harmless. Unlike paintball, with laser skirmish you won't get bruises from being hit. No pain, just a lot of fun. You will know when you have been tagged because there are cool sound effects. And you will know when you’ve gotten your opposition too! 

What do we wear / bring?

Everyone must wear long trousers, such as jeans, past their ankles. Everyone must wear covered footwear. If you have hiking boots wear them, if not runners are okay. To take the advantage in the laser tag game rent camo outfits. We have two options: 
• Hire camo coveralls which go from your neck to your ankles (in this case arrive in t-shirt and shorts so you can pop the coveralls over the top); or
• Rent a camo shirt. 
You are welcome to wear your own fatigues, if you have them. If you wear your own clothes then try to keep to camouflage or neutral tones, so that it is not too easy for your opposition to spot you! I've seen one player come in a bright orange sweat-shirt, needless to say he was a good target! You may wish to bring sun-screen or insect-repellent. 

Age Suitability?

We recommend school age and up. We don’t have age restrictions but do recommend anyone under the age of six is accompanied by an adult. All gamers need to have a Membership Form signed prior to play. If you are over 18 then you can sign the form yourself. Otherwise you need to ask your Mum or Dad (or carer) to sign it on your behalf. No form, no play.


We welcome anyone to come along and play. However gamers play at their own risk, see our membership form for full details. We will make every effort to see that everyone is included. Also carers are welcome on the field to supervise if needed.

Can we bring our own food?

No. Food and beverage should be purchased within the resort. But it is a good idea to bring a water bottle. 

Do you have Party Invites?

Yes. Party invitations are available online, you will be emailed a link. 

When should we arrive for our event?

We request that you and your guests arrive 20-30 minutes prior to your event start time. This is to ensure that your laser skirmish experience begins on time and that none of your party-goers miss out on any of the fun. 

For more information, please contact us on 1300 666 559

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