Thunderegg Fossicking FAQ

Thunderegg Fossicking FAQ

Some helpful hints before visiting the Thunderegg Crystal Mine

Why are enclosed shoes needed?

The Thunderegg Crystal Mine at Thunderbird Park is a REGISTERED mine, therefore there are strict safety regulations that must be followed. Sharp broken pieces of thundereggs are on the mine surface and can be loose underfoot, which is why fully enclosed footwear must be worn at all times.

How long does Thunderegg Fossicking take?

On average the whole fossicking experience takes approximately 1.5hrs. Fossickers are welcome to spend the whole day fossicking on the mine, however, admission covers one entry only - breaking for lunch at the kiosk or back at a campsite is not permitted.

Do we need book in advance?

Bookings aren’t necessary, however, discounts are available if you pre-book online. Purchasing tickets online can be done through our website but must be done at least 24hrs in advanced. Alternatively, you can pay on entry. The Thunderegg Crystal Mine opens at 8.30am daily (last entry to the mine is 3pm as the mine shuts at 4pm). Any less than one hour doesn’t allow sufficient time to enjoy the whole fossicking experience so we suggest you come up early! 

What do I need to bring?

Fully enclosed shoes are compulsory (preferably shoes suited to walking on dirt and loose rocks). Adults and childrens' shoes are available to borrow, however, we recommend you bring your own, as we cannot guarantee availability. We also recommend you bring hats, sunscreen and water bottles as it is an outdoor mine.

Will I find any Thundereggs?

As long as you have a go and dig deep, you will find your treasures! Thundereggs make up 97% of the mine. It is a very rich and dense Thunderegg Deposit and has only had roughly 10% removed since being opened to the public in 1967. According to specialists, the Thunderegg Deposit is 400m deep which will allow for around 800 -1000 years of fossicking, so there is plenty thundereggs still to find!

Do I get to keep all the Thundereggs I find?

If it fits in your bucket, its yours to keep! Each fossicker is provided with a 5kg bucket to take onto the mine and fill with treasures. Fossickers are welcome to take more home, however, extra weight will be charged out at $3 per kg.

Is the Thunderegg Mine underground?

The thunderegg mine is an open-air mine - not underground.

Can I bring my own equipment to fossicking?

Due to strict mining regulations, fossickers are not permitted to take any equipment/tools with them onto the mine that has not been issued to them by staff at the Thunderegg Crystal Mine Rockshop.

Why cant I book online for the following day?

Online bookings use PayPal for payment processing. Unfortunately, this can take up to 24 hours, therefore, we recommend fossickers book more than 24hrs in advance so they can receive the online discount.

Does it costs extra to cut open the Thundereggs I find?

Cutting costs are extra. It is around $4 for a golf ball sized thunderegg and increases with size i.e. $7 for a tennis ball sized thunderegg. Staff will provide "eggspert" advice as to which thundereggs are worth cutting open, but no guarantee can be made as to what you will find inside - it's a surprise every time! Fossickers may decide to take their thundereggs home and use thier own equipment to cut them open. 

Are food and drink allowed on the mine?

Food and drink are allowed on the mine; in fact, we encourage it! There is a 'no picnic' policy at Thunderbird Park, however, fossickers are welcome to purchase food from the Terrace Kiosk and take it up to the mine. Admission covers one entry only - breaking for lunch at the kiosk or back at a campsite is not permitted.

What can I bring to make it easier?

Fossickers are welcome and encouraged to bring extra things to make their fossicking experience that little bit easier for themselves E.g. gardening gloves, knee pads/mats etc. 

Do I need to dig as an adult attending with children?

It is not mandatory that an adult participates with their group of children, but it is certainly recommended as it will be more beneficial to your outcome if adults are digging alongside the children. Everyone must pay admission to the mine, however, there is a Supervisor Entry Fee to allow adults to enter if they do not wish to fossick themselves (fee does not include a pick and a bucket or digging with children’s picks). 

Are gift vouchers available?

Gift vouchers are available. Please speak to one of our friendly staff who will assist you with purchasing gift vouchers. . 

Are you open if it's raining?

Excluding severe weather conditions the mine is open for business. Keeping in mind, due to the fact it is an open air mine, it will get quite muddy in the event of rain, but a little mud never hurt anyone! There are also benefits to fossicking post rain. 

Do you have group discounts?

Group discounts are available for groups of 10 people or more. Adults and children can all fossick for $14 per person.

For more information, please contact us on 07 5545 7999

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