5 Camping Food Hacks That You Need
To Know Before Your Next Adventure

Irresistible Camping Food Hacks For You to Try on Your Next Adventure

Camping can be lots of fun. Sleeping outdoors and getting away from the hassle of the daily grind can be refreshing, and there is plenty of time for leisure and games. It can be a great time to try new activities or get back into hobbies you used to love.

But nothing beats the joy of cooking over a camp fire with your family & friends while creating some wonderful memories. We have identified some of the most popular camping food hacks that you will have to try on your next camping adventure.

From mouth-watering Crescent Dogs to scrumptious Omelettes in a Bag, you will be the most popular chef on the campsite here at Thunderbird Park with these delicious camping food hacks.

1. Campfire Crescent Dogs

Crescent dogs cooked over a campfire? Yes! These pigs in a blanket are the perfect around-the-fire food that will "wow" everyone on the campsite.

2. Campfire Muffins & Cinnamon Rolls

Oranges? Yes, you can make quick and easy breakfast items that the kids will love using orange peels. Yum!

3. Bacon 'n Cheese Pigs in a Blanket

Similar to the Crescent Dogs but with a bacony twist. This is a fun and tasty campfire cooking recipe! Take your time cooking these over the fire with indirect heat to make sure the bacon and croissant cooks fully!

4. Omelette in a Bag

Ever wanted to make a omelette but all you had was a boiling jug of water in the great outdoors? Well here is the recipe for you, an omelette in a bag! Easy to make and tasty too.

5. Quick and Easy Campfire Meals

Here is a collection of quick, easy and delicious campfire meals that you all have to try.

If you are planning to go camping in the Gold Coast Hinterland anytime soon, be sure to take a look at our Caravan & Camping rates here at Thunderbird Park and don't forget to give this easy campfire food hacks a try.

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