Bird Feeding

Bird Feeding & More

Tamborine Mountain is an exciting place for nature lovers and bird watchers.

Set in an ideal location, the park's 112-hectare rainforest property attracts a huge number of birds
for people to see without having to trek through unchartered bush land.

Bird Feeding Session at 2pm

Wander along the maintained bush walking tracks at Thunderbird Park and meet native animals and birds in their natural habitat. Regular visitors include the rare Albert's Lyrebird, bowerbirds, butcher birds and wedge tailed eagles.

Beautiful Rainbow Lorikeets are a favourite. These colourful birds fly down from the trees to feed two or three times a day. 

Thunderbird Park operates a strict sustainable management program. Various elements have been implemented to give nature a helping hand. Environmental awareness includes careful handling of waste, water management, recycling, replanting native species and revegetating the bushland. These efforts have been rewarded by an increase in native flora and fauna.

As well as beautiful birds, butterflies and wallabies, a duck-billed platypus is a regular guest at Cedar Creek. We haven't wanted to disturb this guest so we don't know if the platypus is male or female but we strongly suspect the adult platypus wants a break from the younger members of the family, just like some of our other regular guests.

Daily at 2pm

Closed Christmas Day

Our daily Bird Feeding is free of charge!