Discover Team Building at Dig It

The Perfect Team Building Venue

Nestled amidst the captivating Tamborine Mountain landscape, Dig It has emerged as a thrilling mini excavator park, meticulously designed to be the ideal venue for team-building activities. This park offers a rich tapestry of activities, thoughtfully curated to captivate and motivate your team, all while nurturing vital skills like communication, problem-solving, and teamwork.

Team at Dig it

Corporate retreats and conferences have become a popular choice for team building, offering a unique opportunity for employees to connect and interact beyond the confines of the workplace. These gatherings foster a relaxed atmosphere that encourages open communication, ultimately leading to deeper understanding and stronger interpersonal bonds among team members.

Why Dig It?

At Thunderbird Park, participants have the unique opportunity to command their very own 1.7-tonne mini excavators, cutting-edge remote-control diggers, bulldozers, rear wheel loaders, and dump trucks. These machines allow them to immerse themselves in the excitement of earthmoving, all within a secure and supervised environment.

Teams will unite to conquer various tasks and challenges, from digging trenches to relocating dirt, simulating real work site activities.

Our corporate team-building packages encompass:

  1. Exclusive 2-hour access to the Dig It site.
  2. Devoted safety instructors to expertly guide participants through each challenge.
  3. A customised program tailored to the precise objectives of your conference or event.
  4. An event package complete with GoPro footage and video recordings of your session.

For just $60 per person, with a minimum requirement of 20 participants, Dig It promises an exceptional team-building adventure that will leave your team energised, united, and ready to take on any challenge.

Four Exciting Dig It Zones

  • The Dig It Zone: Picture your youngsters delving deep into the earth, operating mighty machines to move earth, and uncovering hidden treasures buried beneath the soil. As they navigate the Dig It Zone, their curiosity ignites, guiding them through an underground world reminiscent of intrepid treasure hunters.

  • The Demolition Zone: Witness the sheer thrill as the wrecking ball swings and colossal Dig It towers come thundering down with a resounding bang. Here, children evolve into architects of exhilarating destruction, a role they wholeheartedly embrace.

  • The Claw and Croc Zone: It's akin to stepping into a world of gigantic, cool construction toys. In this zone, young builders stack and manipulate tires using massive claw attachments on their 1.7-tonne excavators. The sensation of wielding such powerful equipment is an unforgettable adventure.

  • The RC Zone: Imagine the excitement as kids take command of mini dozers, dump trucks, excavators, and rear loaders, all in an environment that mirrors a genuine work site. These remote-control machines, true to scale, fully hydraulic, and weighing over 30 kilograms each, empower children to experience the might of heavy machinery firsthand. Here, they not only learn about precision and control but also revel in the exhilaration of their newfound capabilities.

    Team building at thunderbird park

Embark on an Adventure While you're at Thunderbird Park, explore our other hinterland attractions. We offer a variety of activities perfect for school holidays, including the thrilling Tree Top Challenge, Australia's longest and highest ropes obstacle course.

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Located on Mount Tamborine, Thunderbird Park is easily accessible for businesses in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Choose from one of our pre-designed team building packages or get in touch with us to create a customised package that fits your needs.

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