Thunderbird Park installs first public access
EV charge station on Tamborine Mountain

Thunderbird park has unlocked Tamborine Mountain to electric vehicle motorists by installing an EV charge station with universal plugs that work with all electric vehicles on the Australian market.

Electric vehicle owners hope to grab a charge wherever they can, at the mall, at their favourite coffee spot and now at Thunderbird Park. Visits to Thunderbird Park are packed with fun activities, adventures through nature and endless amusement with family & friends. With the installation of the new EV charging stations, you can park and charge while you are off having fun.

Vehicle hooked up to the EV charging station with a cable

Charge up

Electric vehicles are becoming more popular in Australia as residents aim to reduce, costs as well as fuel emissions and pollution. With the rise of EV motorists on the roads, public access EV charging stations have been popping up all over Australia to accommodate for these motorists.

Tamborine mountain is within easy reach of Brisbane and the Gold Coast and now electric vehicle motorists will be able to drive to and from the region for daytrips or wonderful weekends away without the fear of running out of power.

Thanks to Richard from Tamborine blinds & awnings for the installation of the EV station on thunderbird Park, all EV drivers coming for a visit are able to charge their vehicles for FREE whilst they grab a coffee at our Terrace Kiosk or explore the vast amenities and activities at Thunderbird Park should they choose to.

Plugshare location finder

To find out where all the public EV stations are located in Australia, including the one at Thunderbird Park, head over to Plugshare and search for whichever location you will be looking to charge your electric vehicle to see if there are public EV stations in that area.

The Australian Market Operator predicts that electric cars will make up somewhere between 16% and 45% of all new vehicle sales by 2036.

As the growth of the electric car marketing continues, Thunderbird park will gradually increase the amount of EV stations available so that every electric car motorist that visits Tamborine mountain will always have a spot available to charge their vehicle.

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