Laser Skirmish

Laser Skirmish

Safe & thrilling Laser Tag

Stalk through the rainforest while hunting for targets in our safe and thrilling Laser Tag activity in the Gold Coast Hinterland!

Laser Skirmish at Thunderbird Park is a completely new game. Use our safe and powerful laser guns and experience the precision and power of our advanced technology.

The Gold Coast Hinterland rainforest provides a scenic yet authentic jungle warfare experience like no other. Move through the dense rainforest scrub and eliminate enemy players. There are plenty of trees and bushes to allow you to take cover from enemy fire and the terrain changes the further you work your way into the playing area.

This is one of the largest and best laser skirmish experiences on the Gold Coast thanks to the natural forest terrain provided by the beautiful Gold Coast Hinterland that surrounds Mt Tamborine. Our laser skirmish game makes the rainforest both beautiful and exhilarating as you battle for survival.

Shall you need some additional information, please visit our FAQ section.

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Young boy wearing army camo holding a laser skirmish gun

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The adventure of being part of a simulated battle now can be experienced at "Laser Skirmish" at Thunderbird Park on the Gold Coast, Australia.

Thunderbird Park has created a one-of-a-kind Gold Coast hinterland attraction with its unique combat entertainment. The battlefield is quite authentic being set in the tropical jungle and has been inspired by video games. This is the perfect birthday party idea, school holiday activity, team building or group activity!

Here's What You Get

Mission Briefing & Kit-up
A series of fun & thrilling games
Drinks break/s
Memories to last a lifetime! 

Bookings Essential!

Session times vary - please use our below Booking Calendar for available days and times.

CLOSED 25th & 26th December 2023 and 1st January 2024.

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Long pants, such as jeans, and fully-enclosed shoes must be worn.
Anyone under 18 needs to ask their parent or guardian to sign a membership form prior to play. Adults over 18 can sign for themselves.
View our FAQs for more information about Laser Skirmish.

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Brand new game mode available

“Battle Royale”

This is the live version of the classic Battle Royale video game. It is a winner-takes-all show-down. All gamers get unlimited respawns for the first few minutes of the game. Just like in the Battle Royale video game, players start off in a big playing area and as time goes on, the safe zone shrinks. During the first part of the scenario it is about jockeying for position and then in the last 5 minutes as the field really shrinks, it will be a final shoot-out to see which team will be the last one standing! Absolutely thrilling!

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Laser Skirmish Game Modes

Capture the Flag

We are running a 15-minute capture the flag mission. Each team has a flag box. To score a point you need to shoot the other team’s flag box, then without being killed, get back to your flag box and shoot it. When you shoot the opposition’s flag box your gaming gun will say ‘flag captured’. When you successfully return a flag to your flag box your gaming gun will say “flag returned”. A team can have multiple flags in play at the same time. When a gamer has a flag, both hit lights in the head sensor will be flashing. If you see an opposition gamer with a flag, try to kill them before they get away. Unlimited respawns are available from your base...

Team Death Match

We are running a 15-minute team death match. You have 15 minutes to de-activate opponents on the other team as much as possible while ensuring your team doesn’t die in the attempt. Keep your eyes open and keep a look out for any and all opposition. You have unlimited re-spawns to assist you, but remember each time you are killed is one more point to the opposition. To give you a fighting chance we have placed a mystery armour box is close by. To trigger a random piece of body armour, push the green button on the box. Body armour absorbs damage. Then, and this is only for the born gamblers, further towards the enemy is a mystery weapon box, this will give you a random weapon emulation from a selection of over 100. If you’re out of luck, you might end up with a terrible weapon like an axe or unarmed combat! For the lucky, however, there is a range of very powerful weapons like the 50-calibre machine gun. The grenade launchers have an area effect, if you hit one of the opposition team, all the enemy gamers nearby receive damage as well! You must be alive to activate a mystery box and you can only attempt a mystery once a minute. If you attempt to risk your luck again before the minute is out, your gaming gun will say “mystery lockout”. Mystery upgrades are kept between respawns...

Domination Game

We are going to run two 15-minute domination missions. This is a domination box, it has two timers, one for alpha team and one for bravo team. When you shoot the box, your timer begins, when the other team shoots the box, your timer stops and their timer starts. You have to hit the sensor on the top of the box, so you will need to get in close. The team that has the most amount of time at the end of the game wins. You can tell your team is in control by the colour of the light flashing, if the light is flashing red, alpha team is in control, if it is flashing blue, bravo team is in control. If you’re already in control, don’t try to hit the box; instead drive back the other team so they can’t hit the box. Every 10 seconds the box will also announce which team is in control. Note that no one is to move the medic boxes or the domination boxes. The medic boxes will provide unlimited re-spawns. When the mission ends, the box will announce the winner. You can also tell which team has won by the colour of the flashing light. If alpha team wins, the light will flash red and if bravo team wins, the light will flash blue...