Team Building Activities

Team building activities For Kids

Encouraging children to develop their communication, emotional and social skills.

Working together as a team is often the most efficient way of overcoming obstacles in life. This is just as true for adults as it is for kids. But learning how to work together with your peers is a skill best learned early on in life. The younger children start learning certain skills, the more likely they are to use them later in life.

Teamwork will teach children to work cooperatively towards a common goal. It will encourage children to develop their communicative, emotional and social skills.



During team building activities, children have the chance to communicate with each other. To succeed in any type of challenge or task in life you have to learn how to not only speak but to listen. Without listening it is impossible to have a dialogue with others. This way, instructions and ideas can easily go lost. Once kids have learned how to listen, they can begin to learn how to speak. How people speak with others demonstrates their level of understanding and respect. This is a crucial part of working together as a team.

Our TreeTop challenge at ThunderBird Park is one of our most popular adventure activities. It is a great team-building adventure that teaches children how to communicate. Work together as a team to get through the course among the treetops of Tamborine Mountain. We even have a challenge for the very youngest ones - TreeTop Challenge Juniors.

Develop Their Skill Set

Conducting team-building activities with children can help children work on developing the following skills:

Problem solving
Idea exchange
Working with others and different groups
Creative thinking

Cooperation and Comradery

We all know the saying "there is no 'I' in team". Taking turns and waiting on one another are excellent ways of teaching children cooperation. Being part of a team offers a sense of belonging and comradery for children and adults alike. Team building can also create a great support system for kids. It teaches them that everyone plays a part in the team, even though each's part might look different.

Group of people posing for a photo at the top of the treetop challenge

Activities For Everyone

Thunderbird Park is Australia's largest adventure playground. We facilitate educational and fun activities for everyone. Visit us at Thunderbird Park with the kids or have a team-building day out with work colleagues. Here you can experience everything that Mount Tamborine and the Gold Coast Hinterland has to offer.

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