Treetop Challenge FAQs

Some helpful hints before visiting the Treetop Challenge Adventure Park.

All safety equipment (harness, helmet & gloves) is supplied and participants are fully instructed on its usage before beginning the course. Qualified supervisors guide adventurers to ensure safety. All you need to bring are closed in shoes and a dare devil attitude!

Safety is paramount, as the activities involve physical challenges and these requirements minimise risks.

We have 2 minimum Requirements:

-You need to be at least 7 years old.
-You need to be to reach 160cm with the palms of your hand stretched above your head.

Please ensure you meet these requirements at the time of booking.

Midweek Session Times (Non-School & Non-Public Holidays):

On weekdays that fall outside of school and public holiday periods, the Tree Top Challenge offers two session times: 10:00 AM and 1:30 PM. These times are designed to accommodate visitors seeking a quieter and less crowded experience during the midweek.

Weekend Session Times: 

On weekends, the Tree Top Challenge provides a more extensive array of session times. These sessions run every 30 minutes, starting at 9:00 AM and concluding at 3:00 PM.

Arriving a bit early before your chosen session time is advisable, as it allows you to complete any necessary paperwork, receive safety instructions, and get ready for the adventure.

The Tree Top Challenge at Thunderbird Park enforces a maximum weight limit of 120 kilograms (kg) for participants. This restriction is put in place for safety reasons.

The equipment and infrastructure in the treetop course are designed to support individuals within a specific weight range. Exceeding this limit may compromise the integrity of safety gear, platforms, and ziplines, increasing the risk of accidents.

When making reservations, it's vital to verify the weight limit and communicate any concerns or specific requirements to the park's staff. They may provide guidance on alternative activities or options for participants who exceed the weight limit.

The harnesses used for the Tree Top Challenge at Thunderbird Park are designed with a diameter of 110 centimeters (cm).

To complete all the courses available at the Tree Top Challenge, you should plan for approximately 3 hours. This time estimate includes the time required for equipment fitting, safety instructions, and navigating through the various courses.

Course Duration:

Each individual course within the challenge typically takes around 45 minutes to complete. This includes moving through the treetop obstacles, ziplining, and other exciting activities.

Keep in mind that a portion of your time may be spent on equipment fitting and receiving safety instructions. This is a crucial step to ensure that you're well-prepared and safe during the challenge.

Participants will engage in activities that involve climbing and descending ladders, as well as balancing on various elements suspended in the treetops. These physical actions require a moderate level of fitness, coordination, and strength.

However, our Tree Top Challenge is designed to be inclusive and accessible to a wide range of participants and it's not meant to be an extreme physical challenge. Most individuals with a basic level of fitness can participate and enjoy it. You can choose to challenge yourself as much or as little as you like.

The Tree Top Challenge at Thunderbird Park offers extensive facilities that can accommodate groups of up to 150 participants.

This makes it an excellent choice for various group activities, including team building. At Thunderbird Park we offer facilitated team building programs. These programs are designed and led by experienced facilitators who help groups and organisatoins maximise the benefits of the challenge for team building, leadership development, and communication enhancement.

Given the capacity of the Tree Top Challenge, it's recommended to make reservations well in advance, especially for larger groups. This ensures that you secure your preferred date and time.

Participants are not bound to complete every course. Instead, you have the flexibility to select the courses that best suit your preferences, comfort level, and skill. This means you can tailor your adventure to your liking.

Participants are required to wear enclosed and comfortable sport or hiking shoes. These types of shoes provide the necessary support and grip for navigating the high ropes courses and ensure that your feet are adequately protected.

It's also recommended to wear a comfortable shirt and pants. These should be suitable for physical activities and should allow for ease of movement as you climb, balance, and zipline through the treetop obstacles.

The park provides lockers for your convenience. These lockers are available for participants to securely store their personal items during the Tree Top Challenge.

For safety purposes, participants are strongly advised to remove all jewelry that can be taken off before embarking on the Tree Top Challenge. This includes rings, necklaces, bracelets, and other items that may become entangled or pose a risk while navigating the high ropes courses.

The park's policy states that it does not carry liability for lost jewelry or any other items during the tour. Participants are responsible for their personal belongings and should be cautious about what they choose to bring along.

Yes you can. If you do choose to wear spectacles or sunglasses, it's recommended to secure them with a sports strap or a suitable retainer to reduce the risk of them falling off.