Why Team Building Activities Are Important for Your Business in 2022

hands put together as a team

The term ‘team building’ has been thrown around most workplaces over the past decade.

It has almost become a bit of a buzzword among business owners who are trying to boost morale in the office by buying everyone beers on Friday afternoon. Truth is, team building should involve purposeful, ongoing practices set out to develop and nurture certain skills within the team and prepare them for real life scenarios. Done right, it can be of great value to any company.

Let’s look at the potential benefits of purposeful team building to your business.

The purpose of team building

So, why are team building activities important? Let’s use sports as an analogy here.

Most people who either enjoy playing sports, or enjoy spectating sports, understand the importance of a team practicing together - team building build great teams! Most understand that, even if you get all the top players together to create an A-team, without practice, the players may play well individually, however not as a team.

The same goes for any business or workplace. It’s not enough to hire the most qualifies employees in their field – they need to work together in a collaborative environment to get real results.

soccer team

Unfortunately, many businesses fail to understand the value of team building. Below we discuss the various team building activities benefits and how it can help your business grow and prosper.

Foster Connections

With many companies moving to a more hybrid and remote work model, it is more important than ever to allow your employees to create and nurture meaningful connections in the workplace. If you have a number of employees split across multiple locations, or a team of remote workers, using team building as a tool to connect between departments can have a huge impact on how well they work together in the future.

Improve motivation

Team building activities are often used as a motivational tool for disengaged workforces. By allowing stronger bonds to develop between colleagues, it often makes them feel more motivated coming into the workplace. By working together, employees can also build relationships and develop networks outside their day-to-day role that will help them in the future. When a group starts working together, they will feel motivated to give their best effort as an active member of the team and encourage them to push boundaries together.

Boost Collaboration

You may have heard the phrase “There is no ‘I’ in team”? The level of collaboration between team members is arguably what will either make or break a team. The collaborative nature of a team building challenge teaches people how to work together more effectively. It highlights team member’s individual strengths and weaknesses and reveals how to best utilise them to reach a common goal. This knowledge is then transferable to the office environment and other work-related tasks.

Increase Productivity

Topping the list of HR managers’ objectives when sending staff away on team building is to increase productivity in the workplace. Thus, team building activities are often designed around helping people work more efficiently, and especially through activities which are time-bound and demand people to think on their feet. Team members are also prompted to quickly identify the problem areas and work out who in the team is best fitted for various tasks to get the job done - skills highly useful in any work environment.

Develop problem solving skills

When teams work together, not only do they get better at solving problems, they also create fewer problems to begin with. Team members who respect one another commonly experience less conflicts, less disputes and less disruptive behaviour in the workplace. Whether it’s an obstacle course or a big project looming, your staff achieve their objectives quicker when they solve problems and make decisions together.

Team Building at Thunderbird Park

At Thunderbird Park, we think outside of the box with our wide range of outdoor team building activities to build your team.

Through a series of carefully planned team building events, your team learns how to build skills in communication, planning, problem-solving and conflict resolution while having fun.

The TreeTop Challenge

Our TreeTop challenge at ThunderBird Park is one of our most popular adventure activities. It is a great team building adventure which teaches people how to communicate. Work together as a team to get through the course among the treetops of Tamborine Mountain. 


Laser skirmish

Thunderbird Park has created a one-of-a-kind Gold Coast hinterland attraction with its unique combat entertainment. The battlefield is quite authentic being set in the tropical jungle and has been inspired by video games. Laser Skirmish is the perfect team building idea, school holiday activity, team building or group activity!


Adventure Mini Golf

Playing in teams on our championship adventure mini golf course will also teach patience and sportsmanship. The Championship Mini Golf course takes mini golf from an activity to an artform. It is among the best mini golf experiences the Gold Coast and the Hinterland has to offer. You can choose whether you putt into the Beginners (white) hole, Intermediate (blue) hole or Professional (black) hole.

Plan your team building

If you are looking to introduce your workforce to some fun and unusual team building activities that will help connect them as a team – Thunderbird Park is the place! We host full-day corporate team building activities that boost team morale and improve workplace satisfaction long term.

Thunderbird Park is conveniently located on Mount Tamborine. This is an ideal location to host team building activities for businesses in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.

Choose from our convenient team building packages or contact us to tailor your unique package today online or call 07 5545 7982.