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Natural Rockpools


We have a multitude of natural rock pools within Cedar Creek.  With clear mountain waters cascading over well-honed boulders in and out of the pools, they're perfect for bathing and relaxing in on a hot summer’s day.  The pools are dotted all up the creek and easily accessible by rock hopping.


We've also cleared and opened up two medium sized pools in close proximity to the body of the property, right next to the Thunderegg and Crystal Mine. It's essential that bathers wear sensible walking shoes when trekking along Cedar Creek which is bordered by rainforest. Reef shoes are recommended when in the rock pools. All rubbish must be taken away as there are no rubbish receptacles.


Getting to Thunderbird Park

Need transport to Thunderbird Park? We have a Shuttle Service


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Please understand this is a potentially dangerous activity and all precautions must be taken to ensure a safe and sensible bush walking and swimming adventure. However, don't let that put you off as it is the perfect Summer school holiday activity. Alcohol and smoking are not permitted.  The rock pools are only available to Thunderbird Park’s campers, activity participants and guests staying at Cedar Creek Lodges.