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Thunderbird Park is home to a fantastic variety of activities and things to do! Perfect for the whole family, Thunderbird Park has a range of educational and fun activities as well as others that might leave even the most fearless daredevil shaking in their boots. Click on each of the below activities to find out more - these activities are available throughout school holiday periods and will delight kids and adults of all ages!
Promotion Codes
To take advantage of the Hot Deal discounts, please ensure you enter the following promotion code to your booking transaction. A different code is required for each activity. These promotion codes are valid until 11.59pm Thursday 11 April 2013.  Purchased tickets are valid for redemption until June 30, 2013. 
Thunderbird Park Adventure ParcTree Top Challenge - formerly Adventure Parc (Promotion Code - YCAP13)
Designed for family fun, fitness and corporate team building. Children and adults alike will love the exhilaration of a big healthy day out with courses designed to be challenging for all ages. 83 jungle games including 11 flying foxes.
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Laser SkirmishLaser Skirmish (Promotion Code - YCLS13)
It's like a real life computer game. Using an invisible and harmless infrared beam (like TV remotes) we form teams with mission objectives and play in the lush rainforest. Kit up in camouflage gear and face paint. It's ready,!
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Thunderegg FossickingThunderegg Fossicking (Promotion Code - YCTF13)
Cut open a 200 million year old mystery. Fossick for treasures in the World’s largest thunderegg mine. Millions of years in the making, yet it only takes minutes to uncover a thunderegg, unearthed from prehistoric volcanic lava. A wonderfully educational everyday or school holiday activity.
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